Gothic II under Windows 7?

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7 years ago#1
Anyone get it to work(G2 w/NoTR). I can install just fine, but when I go to run the game, the process it launches just sits there and nothing happens.
7 years ago#2
Did you try running the "compatibility mode"?
does win7 have that?
Just right click the gothic2 icon on the desktop and choose properties- compatibility mode will be in there somewhere, just select XP should work fine there if not choose the other.

Hope this will work for you.
7 years ago#3
Tried that, tried everything.

Finally got it to work by using a German exe 'fix' patch over on World of Gothic. It replaces the .exe and the version shows as 2.6 (fix) rather than 2.7. No problems so far.
7 years ago#4
And now it's back to not starting again. I'm not sure what the problem is here, since there seem to be other people running it fine on Windows 7.
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