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StickyDark Cloud 2 FAQs. Please check here before posting. (Sticky)
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Darth Mom549/24/2012
Bomber-head Boom! (scoop help)Rioleus47/18 3:23PM
Is anyone else somewhat disturbed at the implications behind Parn and Julia?Playstation_00747/18 1:38AM
Something rare here!Champeon27/18 1:33AM
Anyone know which fish can be caught in the Cave of Ancient Murals with a...Randomness09737/10 12:44PM
What is the fish color priority on inheritance?Randomness09717/6 10:23PM
Started playing this again!!grehik24107/6 6:35AM
I was able to recreate DC1's Broken Dagger Glitch!!!Moe_Lester_1337/3 11:13PM
hitting stat caps problem?Champeon27/3 10:46AM
(Male) Crest's village saviorstormageddon47327/3 8:40AM
Does wealth on weapons stack?Playstation_00726/29 6:46PM
How much should I grind armbands in chapter 3?Playstation_00736/29 1:32PM
Like this game so far, but.... (question) (Archived)TheAist36/28 2:31PM
Question about rare items from treasure chests? (Archived)Playstation_00726/27 12:29AM
Man... why am I getting so lucky on this playthrough? (Archived)Playstation_00716/26 8:54PM
Very first fish I caught was a 104 cm Nonky. Getting Fabio was never so easy lol (Archived)Playstation_00726/23 3:43PM
Going to try to have 1 of every weapon in my inventory this playthrough (Archived)Playstation_00756/21 8:16PM
What should I do with all of these extra weapons? (Archived)Champeon36/14 1:29PM
How to make Leveling as a monster fun (Archived)DisgaeaNoob46/7 11:56AM
Cant get big fish? (Archived)BAEx1046/3 10:07PM
Is there a secret to catch a big fish? (Archived)rYogAz46/3 9:49PM
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