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2 years ago#451
Getting better, had some great matches today.

Also ordered Forza 4 and Dead Rising 3 from Amazon today. Still trying to figure out the One and all the things it can do. Does it record gameplay footage while you play?

What's your Gamertag btw, we should play sometime.
2 years ago#452
DR3 was really good, never really been into racing games but my friend loves Forza.

As far as gameplay recording you can record using the DVR which records up to 5 minutes of gameplay or you can stream to Twitch and I also believe they're about to if they haven't already let you upload to YouTube.

My gt is Heartless Krook
Yeah I'm a stalker what about it?
2 years ago#453
... and im back. How's it going? Got a One I see. How are you liking it? Im enjoying DR3 myself, but im not too far yet.

What else have I missed?
Where is my mind?
2 years ago#454
Eh mostly talking about TitanFall, the One, and Halo.
Yeah I'm a stalker what about it?
2 years ago#455
I wonder if Dakota will ever play through this game in one weekend lol.
Where is my mind?
2 years ago#456
Eventually it will happen. I keep getting distracted by new games and life.

Now that you mention it, it is a bit disheartening that I haven't played through this yet. When I created the topic (whenever that was), I had every intent on doing just that. Now this thread is nearing 500 posts.

Where the heck have you been anyway? You haven't posted here in quite a while.
2 years ago#457
2 years ago#458
Paigow last night
2 years ago#459
Ive been working nonstop, maintaining a family, and generally having little to no free time.

Im struggling to find time to play anything any more. I have a huge backlog that should keep me occupied whenever the chance arises.

Have you played Wolf among us? Im really digging it.
Where is my mind?
2 years ago#460
Sounds like you have a very busy life! Never heard of that game, I'll have to check it out.

Do any go you watch Game of Thrones? What did you think of the episode tonight?

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