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#1nomad_muPosted 1/18/2008 12:05:14 PM
A while back there was a fix to get the Haitian clothes, but now it's gone. What was the trick to get them.

P.S. I have the players choice version. does that really matter?
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#2unasmnglocalguyPosted 1/18/2008 5:12:21 PM
from the glitch faq:

AA. How To Get The Havana Outfit
Difficulty - Medium
Mission - None

You might have noticed that if you try to get the Havana Outfit
there is an invisable wall there. Well, take a PCJ 600 and blow it up near
the entrance of the store and jump on it. Jump to the door, and you will
either fall through into the street again or get the outfit. Contributed
by - The Portratz Dude

Or if you mean the trick to prevent the invisible wall from appearing, that's also in one of the faqs, but I can't remember where. You have to complete the other missions that change your outfit (Copland, No Escape?, and The Job) before completing Two Bit Hit and receiving the outfit. In other words, don't do Avery's last mission until you've complete the Vercetti Mansion and Malibu Club assets.
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#3Drek102Posted 1/22/2008 8:45:29 PM
I always get the outfit. Whenever I wear it it seems as if my PCJ skills are better then if I wear any other clothing. That is my opinion because It looks cool.
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