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9 years ago#1
Ok..I'd like to know the GTA Timeline..well, the games in order that they were made and such i know first is GTA/GTA:London for ps1, followed by GTA2....

Then GTA3 I think..but what about hte others? Oh and I Heard that one of the games was a remake of number 3, but with added content? Is this true? Help clear up my confusing please :) Also, any info on each game for basic story or whatnot or what they're about would help too thanks in advance.
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9 years ago#2
After gta:2 its:
gta:vice city
gta:san andreas
gta:liberty city stories(takes place in the same place as #3)
gta:vice city stories(takes place in the same place as Vice City)
gta:4(i dont think its released yet...)
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9 years ago#3 woudl that mean Vice city is basically a remake of number 3, but with something new added, or is it completely new missions but in the same city with newly added places? just curious about that.
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9 years ago#4

gta 3 and gta:liberty city stories both take place in liberty i guess lcs is the supposed remake of 3.vice city takes place in an entirely different city than 3,and vice city stories is the supposed remake of vice city.gta:san andreas is it's own animal.san andreas is a state composed of 3 big cities as well as the country side and desert.with gta iv coming in april we will again be visiting liberty city.more info at below webpage.

9 years ago#5
Thanks for the clear up..I need to find the games i dont have I have GTA Vice city, Liberty City stories, and San Andreas. I need 1 and 2, the London with number 1, and GTA 3 again soemtime. and Vice CIty Stories. :( good thing I think my game store in town has most of them if not all. The ps1 games will be hardest to find.
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9 years ago#6
How the games were produced:
GTA: London 1969
GTA: London 1961
GTA: Vice City
GTA: Advanced
GTA: San Andreas
GTA: Liberty City Stories
GTA: Vice City Stories

Times the games take place, in order:
GTA: London 1961 ('61)
GTA: London 1969 ('69)
GTA: Vice City Stories ('84)
GTA: Vice City ('86)
GTA: San Andreas ('92)
GTA1 ('97)
GTA: Liberty City Stories ('98)
GTA: Advanced (No exact date stated, but 8-Ball's arrest set the opening to GTA3, so it must be here)
GTA3 ('01)
GTA4 ('08)
GTA2 (No exact date stated. Only "Three weeks in the near future". Common thought is 2013)

Locations of games:
Liberty City: GTA1, GTA3, GTA: Advanced, GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA4, GTA: San Andreas(only for one mission)
Vice City: GTA1, GTA: Vice City, GTA: Vice City Stories
San Andreas: GTA1, GTA: San Andreas
London: GTA: London 1961, GTA: London 1969
Anywhere City: GTA2

Incase you were wondering why GTA1 is in many of the locations, it's because the map of GTA1 is split into 3 cities, Liberty, Vice, and San Andreas.

As for the "Stories" games, they take place in the same city as previous games and share some of the same characters, they have completely different storylines and missions.
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9 years ago#7
Thanks HappyKhicken for listing all of that info... I was too lazy to post the same. ;)

Ahh... in your honor, I am going to get me some Cluckin' Bell tonight! LOL!

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