I don't know how they didn't add "Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen" into this game

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And I know that I made a topic similar to this one on this board over a year ago:


But "Caribbean Queen" would be an even better fit for this game! The song came out in 1984, so it's not too late for either this game or Vice City Stories. The song is also excellent and matches the mood and feel of the Miami-themed city. Miami is basically where the heart of the Caribbeans lies, and the guy even has Ocean as his name! I really hope that Rockstar wanted to secure this song for their game, but were unable to for whatever reason. No song would have fit this game better. It's such a shame that it didn't make it.
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I kind of wish they had gotten Panama or 55(?) by Van Halen in the game. Maybe they came out later or something? Maybe something cheesy by The Cars as well!