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Let's compare times for Sunshine Autos race 6 Endurance Track
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coinbuyer8605141/7 1:06PM
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blane1512/31 9:06AM
Spawn a Firetruck on East Island?
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BimmyLee3612/31 1:47AM
As far as Cops go, are the one's in this game the biggest jerks? (Archived)Starwind1281012/8 3:15AM
What's the name of this '80s-sounding song that I heard on the radio? (Archived)slk_23311/24 4:34PM
VCPR is still my favorite chat station. (Archived)Cornwallace211/15 2:29AM
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What are the rewards for Taxi, Ambulance & Pizza missions? (Archived)Johnny_Ace59/20 1:17PM
going for the hundy (Archived)Bludgeonishness79/20 8:46AM
Challenges : Can you beat this game with the radar turned off? +other challenges (Archived)coinbuyer860559/20 12:46AM
whats the earliest point in the story you can get all the hidden packages? (Archived)Peteisfat89/18 12:50PM
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Oh man, the nostalgia is flooding back! (Archived)Dirt Rider00717/27 12:35AM
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Do you think Vice City is a unique GTA? (Archived)kjhoh55/17 9:03PM
Why is it that drugs are good/okay in Vice City, but bad in III and San Andreas? (Archived)slk_2344/28 4:19AM