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MoFaT friggin guise... (Archived)blane310/27 10:05AM
Anyone figure out how to horn yet? (Archived)
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Smuggler_20051310/23 7:26AM
This Game Is Really Hard (Archived)
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markedman541210/21 1:52AM
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Who busted the deal? *Spoilers* (Archived)
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marthogly129/25 9:49AM
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Wow, the trails in this game are useless. Why would anyone want to turn them on? (Archived)slk_2378/19/2013
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Stuck at 98% help (Archived)
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dont cheat (Archived)asdfghjklh12107/30/2013
Canonically, are the Haitians the "bad guys" and the Cubans the "good guys"? (Archived)slk_2357/26/2013