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Did they fix the Mr. Whoopee save glitch on PSN version? (Archived)JohnnyB2127/13/2013
awesome game! (Archived)asdfghjklh1226/26/2013
The saves in the gamefaqs save section (Archived)Peteisfat16/12/2013
Thoughts on the game, playing for the first time since 2003 (Archived)MajinBalthier66/9/2013
New MoFaT (Archived)ratboy7235/29/2013
Why can't the bus be pay'n'sprayed? (Archived)gamerman5755/18/2013
How do I get an Esperanto to spawn? (Archived)gamerman5775/9/2013
So...did anyone ever find out what the "Unknown Cheat(s)" were? (Archived)sefirosufan15/8/2013
if you could make your own soundtrack for the game what song would you pick? (Archived)vaultdweller9435/8/2013
Music (Archived)AlPiNeBoI105/8/2013
Other than the siren and vigilante is there any difference between the Cheetahs? (Archived)gamerman5744/29/2013
Missing unique jumps (Archived)Christophee64/24/2013
Anything like the Purple Nines glitch in GTA3 in this one? (Archived)RanBinRai64/9/2013
Is this game terrible on the PS3 or did it ust age badly? (Archived)Mister_Spyker24/1/2013
Disappointed with the soundtrack (Archived)sshadow500273/31/2013
MoFaT 2000 (Archived)childofdelight43/14/2013
Is this GTA anyone elses favorite? (Archived)
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Differences between PSN version and Original PS2 Release (Archived)
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Vice City now on PSN Store! (Archived)
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Wave 103 soundtrack album (Archived)
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