How to install mods?

#1Icetray86Posted 2/21/2008 2:36:28 PM

Could somebody ACTUALLY tell me how I can install mods for use in the game?

Oh, and don't tell me "Place it in 385y73285838/blah blah blah NEW FOLDER36/:"

Just tell me simply how to. Thank you very much.

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Another bump?
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Uhh What you gotta do is go to Im pretty sure thats it,And it has alot of mods and you just have to download them.There almost all verified to work but my friend said you just have to download them so im not sure if thats all you have to do.
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There are files that come with the mods that tell you what to do.
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The problem is that the instructions make no sense! Do I have to place them in a file within the file named The Movies?
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What are the instructions?
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You can watch my tutorial here...

Look for a video that says The Movies mod tutorial.
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Depends on the mod... But for most you just unRar the files to your Themovies\Data directory. That's it!