The Movies won't install on vista

#1fat_boy_kylePosted 4/12/2011 1:37:54 PM

Some people have isues installing the movies, and it say's about capability problems,

#2fat_boy_kyle(Topic Creator)Posted 4/12/2011 1:41:34 PM

The first solution is to try run the instalation as administrator

If you have the problem about it saying you dont have the latest flash, it's because it only uses the old flash format. You can find the old versions at they wont affect your current/latest flash player.

I know this isnt realy a question, but I hope people who had the same problem can now find a solution :)

#3emerin76Posted 4/22/2011 3:40:17 PM

Im no9t 100% sure, but you might have to use the old direct X9 version also.

vista uses direct x10.

Worth a try.