Does anyone still play this game?

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8 years ago#11
I'm done attacking people with Pokemon. Now if I don't like someone, I'll have an army of Phantoms attack him or her. (see quote)
8 years ago#12
I haven't gotten this one yet...but just today, i got the first three G&WGs which are all very good...
8 years ago#13
My old review for this game is embarrassing as hell. WTF was I thinking when I wrote that?!
8 years ago#14
I just got 139 stars today.
The dang Octopus. I don't know why I can't get more than one star in classic.
8 years ago#15
Lol, this game is fun! I still play it. My favorite game is Climbers in the museum section.
8 years ago#16
I bought it yesterday. S:
Top 5:
Kirby Superstar, Flying Dragon, Tales of Symphonia, Puyo Puyo Fever & Sonic the Hedgehog II.
8 years ago#17
This game is great. <3
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8 years ago#18
171 stars here.

And has anyone actually gotten every star?
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8 years ago#19
Yes. 118 stars.
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8 years ago#20
51 stars, I think. Thank you, versus-mode games, for easy stars, as I ten to suck big time. Oh, but when I got that second music track in... *forgets name* where you're getting characters out of the way of colored water balloons, from collecting five moons without getting friggin' hit, that was victorious. Glad that it hasn't decided to wipe itself, or I'd be peeved. Damn, that Octopus music track is catchy (at least after that only-at-the-beginning intro bit).

It's a used copy, with E A C wirtten on the front. I had seen at least one other GBA game labelled as such (I think, at least, and if I am RingC, I think it was in a different store*). Kinda weird... maybe I'll go around and see if there are any for sale like this and collect 'em... or is that sorta stalker-ish?

*same friggin' company, GameStop, but different room/building.
"we must [...] learn to think ourselves fortunate whilst one remains whom the spoiler has not seized."
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