Does anyone still play this game?

#31AdamantBMagePosted 4/25/2008 11:15:39 PM

The dang Octopus. I don't know why I can't get more than one star in classic.

Really? I founf octopus incredibly easy - just focus on getting points from the boat, hide in the safe area near the beginning (the left arm will only hit one of the two areas, stay in the one it won't hit), then rush to the chest when you see an opening, rush back, and get the hell into the boat for points. Stay in the boat if the left arm is right under it, then drop down and repeat. It's one of the easiest games in the collection in my opinion.

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#32guitarsuperheroPosted 4/28/2008 10:46:55 PM
I just got the game on E-Bay.
#33GameFreakMania(Topic Creator)Posted 4/29/2008 3:21:24 AM
I just kept taking treasure non-stop on Classic Octopus.
#34TJF588Posted 4/29/2008 9:48:37 AM
What Have You DONE?!!

Y'know... I'm surprised that this thread gets posts this frequently.
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#35Geno64Posted 5/25/2008 7:43:24 PM
Anyone else got all 220 stars?

#36Anony1200Posted 5/28/2008 2:14:16 PM
Yup,this is one of my favorite games on the GBA.

I'm currently at 81 stars,trying to get 90.Why?Tropical fish is the new "best move" in SSBB.

Then there's Parachute.That was good,too,an I used it a lot,but that's a few months away...
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#37ChickenatorRobPosted 5/30/2008 2:29:34 PM
Almost at 200.
#38HikaruYamiPosted 6/4/2008 12:24:09 PM
I just got the last star for the first time yesterday!

I didn't have the patience to play this game all the way through back when I got it, but none of the games are ferociously difficult for me anymore!
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#39NikendoPosted 6/9/2008 8:04:19 PM
just got it used at GS for 4 bucks, and I'm luvin it!
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#40toad133Posted 6/11/2008 2:06:27 PM
I lost my copy...*cries*
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