Does anyone still play this game?

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#42tehhowlPosted 7/13/2008 7:00:32 PM
Found the game again somewhere in the house and restarted. 94 so far.
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Makes me think 'bout how my dad found Pong/Asteroids/Yar's Revenge somewhere in the house. Now, if only I could find my first copy of PKMN Emerald...
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#44MLWWPosted 7/30/2008 1:58:49 PM

but not really all the time..............

busy playing other games.
#45tehhowlPosted 7/31/2008 9:25:02 PM
I went on vacation recently and brought the game along. With that and a week or two, I'm up to 150. =/
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#47Lee7Posted 9/13/2008 11:27:42 AM
Nope, I'm playing game and watch gallery 2 on my gbc =)
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Can you get something after zelda? and this game isnt cancelled?
#49toad133Posted 10/12/2008 3:08:14 PM
I finally found this game after three long years!

I find it to be a lot easier then it was back then now. I've got 64 close to getting Fire Attack...
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#50Lee7Posted 10/26/2008 3:05:54 AM
Can you get something after zelda? and this game isnt cancelled? "
I'm not sure about zelda, but this game was cancelled in japan