For those who need help unlocking Inhert in VS mode read this!

#1stayfrostedPosted 6/2/2012 5:54:46 PM
I followed the FAQS and I could not find the Inhert VS mode trophy for the life of me.

I was on my second playthrough and nothing. The thing I did wrong was that I was playing in a new game, rather than loading a GAME CLEAR.

Once I beat the game again, I decided to load the GAME CLEAR and replay it a third time and this time Inhert's trophy WAS in the stage where the FAQs said it was.

The trick is that you have to load a GAME CLEAR, I don't think his trophy shows up if you make an entirely new game. It needs to be a GAME CLEAR. It might show up on your 2nd or third playthrough.