Games like Max Payne?

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7 years ago#1

Anyone have a recommendation for a game like Max Payne? I've played Thief,

Deus Ex, Half Life though I did not like Hitman.

Grateful for your suggestions,

7 years ago#2
Dead 2 Rights (Xbox version only) is the best clone.
7 years ago#3

Thanks but I have a pc and there is no pc demo. The long awaited Alan Wake

which is from the same developer looks good but no demo yet. Did'nt like Hitman

got fed up of the skill factor in Tomb Raider.

7 years ago#4
Try Indigo Prophecy. It's really good (until the end).
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7 years ago#5
there is a left 4 dead demo for the pc. its through steam though, I haven't seen one anywhere else.
7 years ago#6
TRUE CRIME - Streets of LA
The Punisher
Total Overdose
El Matador
7 years ago#7
Indigo Prophecy does NOT play anything remotely like Max Payne. There might a few stylistic or story/mood similarities, but Max Payne is an action-shooter, where as IP is primarily an adventure game.

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7 years ago#8

The Punisher, Kane & Lynch Dead Man.

7 years ago#9
kain and lynch ftw
7 years ago#10
for some reason Solider of Fortune reminded me of Max Payne.

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