Two Problems: RC Helicopter and Laptop Keyboard

#1Rufus BurrusPosted 5/6/2008 7:25:27 PM
OK, I picked this game up a few days ago, and am enjoying it immensely. But I've run into some trouble. First off, I'm playing on a laptop with no numpad, and it seems that I can't re-map the num functions onto other keyboard keys. Or maybe I'm crazy. Regardless of that problem, I got to the RC helicopter/ dynamite mission and feel like I'm totally screwed. It seems like that thing's flying underwater and I can't steer it for crap. Any hints/ tips/ methods of flying it would be much appreciated.
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#2SteveCrookPosted 5/6/2008 8:49:44 PM
I play on a laptop as well and you can re-map the keys.
It's in the menu under settings somewhere. I'm not running it at the moment so I can't say exactly where.
Put the cursor by the one you want to change and use Backspace to clear the existing key mapping then just type the key (or mouse button or mouse wheel movement) that you want to use for that function

Everyone has problems with the RC helicopter at first. When you've learnt a few tricks you'll laugh at how easy it is :)

First, the timer doesn't start until you pick up the first bomb so you have as long as you like to practice flying.
You can fly all around inside the building and learn your way around and you can slice the guards and the workmen with the rotors all before you pick up the first bomb
When you do start the bomb run, place the bomb on the lowest target first and work your way up the building. For all except the last one you have to come back to the van to get the next bomb. As soon as you place the last bomb they'll all go off. So make the return trip you don't have to do the longest return trip - the one from the top floor.

Now, about flying it.
As I said you can map whichever keys you like to the different functions so I'll describe it in terms of functions rather than keys (although I'll say which keys I use)

Go up (Up arrow) - makes the helicopter go up
Go down (Down arrow) - makes the helicopter go down
Bank left (left arrow) - tilt left for a slow turn to the left
Bank right (right arrow) - tilt left for a slow turn to the right
Rotate left (Q) - rotate left for a fast turn
Rotate right (E) - rotate right for a fast turn
Tilt forwards (9) - go forwards (go faster)
Tilt back (6) - go backwards (slow down forward travel)

Figure out which keys do all of those functions
Practice by flying around
Take out all the guards and workmen by leaning the helicopter into them to slice them with the rotors
Then start the bomb run from the ground up

Enjoy :)

#3jmlb16Posted 5/6/2008 8:50:36 PM
I am having this exact problem... I'll let you know if I find a solution.
#4Scy2kdoggPosted 5/6/2008 11:02:06 PM
My laptop has a number lock that lets me use "jkliuo789" as my number pad. Check to see if you have something similar.
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#5Rufus Burrus(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2008 8:31:34 AM
Thanks for the quick and helpful responses, everyone. I figured out that I do have a fake numpad I can toggle and use j,k,l,u,i,o,7,8, and 9, so that worked out okay. And thanks to the helicopter tips, after a bit of practice I managed to pass that mission as well. You were right, Steve, now it seems easy as hell, I beat the mission with a minute to spare. Killing all the goons first was a great tip. Thanks again!
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#6SteveCrookPosted 5/7/2008 1:09:44 PM
Figuring out the tilt forwards and back is a huge help. As is the rotate commands. The first time I tried it I only knew about Up, Down and bank left and right (basic cursor keys). I managed to do it - but it was very difficult.