Failed PS2 games complain

#1JoveHackPosted 6/3/2009 3:15:25 PM
"Failed PS2 games complain, by AdamWarren"

Tongue in cheek and comic book style. Four games speak out in this piece of fan art. Here's the Beyond Good and Evil dialog.

Jade: "It was the headband, wasn't it? That was too 80s--Too Loverboy, 'Working for the Weekend' for you guys, right?"
Pey'J: "Maybe your green lipstick freaked 'em out...? Either that, or anthropomoporphic pigs like me don't appeal much to non-furries."

Sleep depraved. Primal Wiki:
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Oh yeah, I remember that piece from PSM. Plus, Adam Warren = awesome.
waiting for the ufo's