a mario's system and a gothic atmosphere of....diablo?

#1hergmanPosted 7/3/2012 7:21:24 PM
when i started this game, i immediately noticed that the game is set up as a mario 64 clone (collect heart/star, collect six jar/red coin get a heart, collect 100 shard/coins get a heart) yet despite that, there is this gothic atmosphere that this game exude that reminds me of diablo 1.
be it the fact that you are collecting pulsating hearts or the screaming spirits in the tombs or the haunted manor in dragonspear or the uncomfortable read of the journal pages.
but most of all, its the music. its such a dead ringer for diablo style moody music.

unfortunately, it often clash with the colorful graphics. colorful graphics combined with dark gothic music is not a good combo.

the game should have went more with locales fitting the music and the character's appearance
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#2hergman(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2012 12:32:33 PM
well, i pretty much gave up trying to beat the final boss, which is a first for me.

the game might start at normal difficulty, but by the end, it becomes so hard, its not even fun. in the end, i had to ask myself if finishing this game was worth it. i concluded that no, its simply not worth it.

its a situation where i can't even pretend i have any fun.
the excuse lot try to pass itself as more than an excuse plot, and fail.
the graphics are pretty decent for a nintendo 64 game, except the part where its not on the nintendo 64.
the music is there but often clash with the setting and doesn't do it justice.
the difficulty becomes so hard that you wonder what keep you from playing something like this. i asked myself that question and the answer was "nothing".

in the end, vexx is a game that got stranded from its apparent target console (n64)
Giovanni : hahaha
Im the caid of my shoes and i control every toe-nail in it.