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7 years ago#1
I'm playing FF1 right now on my 60gb PS3 and there are no problems so far (getting the rat tail now). I've read that FF2 freezes a lot on PS3, is this certain on a 60gb? I would just like a confirmation before I start. Thanks.
7 years ago#2
There is no way to get through FF2 on any PS3. Save yourself the trouble of starting and see if you can play it on a PS2.
7 years ago#3
Alright thanks. I guess I'll either have to pick up a PS1 or emulate it.
7 years ago#4
Here's my reply to your Anthology and Chronicles question:

Out of the three collection sets (Origins, Anthology, and Chronicles) only FF 2 is unplayable. FF 5 has a minor glitch where the screen misses up when you try to save sometimes. It's no big deal as all you have to do is keep hitting cancel to get back to the world map/dungeon and try to save it again. If it glitches again, back out again and try again. It doesn't happen too often (and it's nothing game breaking). Usually after one or two attempts you will be good to go.

Now as for FF 2 it's best to play on the PS1 or PS2 if you want to play the Origins version. The GBA and PSP ports are the alternative.
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7 years ago#5
Well I'm at the final boss in FF1 and I'm about to start FF2. Whats the best way to play FF2? I heard origins or NES was the only way to play FF1 because they changed so much in the GBA and PSP ports (its really easy i guess). Is this the same for FF2? or should I pick it up for GBA or PSP?
7 years ago#6
I'm not entirely sure, but I think all of the remakes of FF2 are fine and mostly unmessed with.
7 years ago#7
I think I'll go with the PSP verison then, playing it wherever I want will be a huge plus and I still can play it on my TV through the PSP. The new graphics look pretty cool too, but it also looks like they made the game with Flash lol.
7 years ago#8
While the FF1 PSP version is drastically easier than the Origins version, FF2 on the PSP is only mildly easier.

- No longer have a chance at stat penalties when stats go up.
- The lower levels for weapons and spells take significantly less points to reach. (20 to reach level 2, 25 for 3 and 4, it rises from there, first by 5s, then by 10s, until reaching 100 points for the last two levels. Maybe three; at the time I copied this list down, silktail wasn't sure.)
- The spell growth formula was slightly tweaked:
PSX: #Casts + BattleRank + 2 - SpellLevel
PSP: (#Casts * 2) + BattleRank + 2 - SpellLevel

Those are the changes I'm aware of, other than the bonus dungeons in the PSP version.

Oh! And the select/cancel glitch was fixed. You are given points for the actions you take, not the commands you enter.

Between fixing that glitch and the fact that the highest levels still require most to all of the points they did before, maxing out weapon or spell levels is still a difficult process. (Significantly more difficult, if you were a cheating glitch abuser.)
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