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6 years ago#1
So I think I'm way too underleveled to take on Chaos. Currently level 21, made it to him somehow and got my butt kicked. What is a good level to be at to take him on reasonably? Also how much HP does he have in this version? I keep finding different info from different sources. Any notable grinding places for a level 21 party? Thanks
6 years ago#2
21 is a little early and can be tough on Origins, but it's certainly doable at that level. What is your party? How hard the game is totally depends on your party. With a normal well-rounded party you should be fine around level 25-30. If you have the spell Warp2, I would suggest going in to get the Masmune, and then exiting out and saving. That will give you a couple level-ups and then make your next trip that much easier. Chaos has 4,000 HP on Origins, so that can make killing him before he gets to Cure4 tricky. Your best shot is to use Haste on your strongest attackers, and then start piling on the spell Steel or have that character "use" the Giant Gloves in battle. Steel and the Giant Gloves can be stacked multiple times to make your characters do insane damage. Even a weak attacker with Haste and 3 or 4 Steels can do a thousand damage. As to where to level up... Like I mentioned if you have Warp2, you can level up in the final dungeon. Another popular place is the Evil Eye that was guarding the Levistone in the Ice Cave. Since it is a spiked square, you can walk back and forth on that spot and kill him over and over really fast. Since you now should have a few Ribbons and/or ProRings, you don't have to fear his death attacks. Good luck!
6 years ago#3
beege covered it. I'd like to add a list of some useful gear you should have to make life easier:

Masamune (anyone can equip) - Air floor (the floor with Tiamat) of the final dungeon (SE corner)
Excalibur (Knight only) - Adamant in the Sky Castle brought to the Dwarf Cave
Katana (Ninja only) - one in the Sky Castle and one in the fire floor of the final dungeon
Defender (good for a Red Wizard, and it casts the Blink spell in battle) - Waterfall
If you have a Monk/Master - make sure he's unequipped as he'll do much more damage without a weapon.

Knight - Dragon Armor (Mirage Tower), Aegis Shield (Mirage Tower), Diamond Helmet or Ribbon
Ninja - Flame or Ice Armor and Flame or Ice Shield (Flame in Volcano, Ice in Ice Cave), Silver Helmet or Ribbon
Everyone else:
Diamond Bracelet (Sea Shrine - only 1)
Ribbon (Waterfall, Sea Shrine, and Sky Castle) - These are a must have. They protect from all elements which means you're resistant to all instant kill spells and special attacks, and you resist all elemental attacks like Fire spells or special attacks that have an element to them. (Chaos' Tornado and Tsunami are about the only thing these don't protect you from)
ProRing - bought in Gaia - This is the best hand gear anyone can wear, so everyone should have one equipped.

Heal Staff - Citadel of Trials
Heal Helmet - Mirage Tower and Sky Castle (these and the staff cast Heal when used in battle)
Giant's Gloves - Sea Shrine (Casts Saber when used in battle)

None of this is required to beat Chaos, it all helps a bunch though.

As for the Chaos battle itself, what party you have makes a big difference. Know that he has a list of spells and special attacks that he repeats. There's a chance that he'll do a physical attack, spell, or special attack, but it will always be the next spell or special in the list. So it might seem like random stuff, but you can somewhat predict what he will do. The big one here is Cure4. You can either go all out offense and try to kill him before he casts it, or go defensive and build your attack with Steel/Giant's Gloves until he casts it. I can give better advice if I know your party and equipment, but hopefully this helps.

Good luck!
6 years ago#4
Thanks guys. I have a knight, ninja, white wizard, and black wizard. I skipped the masmune so I guess I'll go get it. I made it to chaos with my ninja dead, and my black wizard hurting a lot so I guess I'll try to make it there better next time. I was hoping the rerun of the old bosses would be a one time thing but I noticed the battle happens every time you step on that specific square which made going back and getting items I missed pretty much impossible at my state. I should have just used warp 2. I guess for the battle itself I was just planning on using the null spells with my white wizard, hasting and steeling my knight and ninja and then just going full out at it with them. My black wizard can't really do much damage so he was pretty much just supporting my party since I don't have the level 8 spells.
6 years ago#5
Note if you have Ribbons equipped, the Nul spells don't help at all (you are either resistant or not). Obviously you can only have 3 Ribbons, so in that case your best bet is to just cast Wall on the one without and everyone will be protected from every element.
6 years ago#6
That's a pretty solid party. I'd take a trip in to get the Masamune, and Warp2 out. This should bump you a few levels. When you hit Lv25, you're White and Black Wizards will get their first Lv8 spell charge. Wall, Holy, and Life2 are good White spells, and Flare is about the only one needed for Black. (Life2 and Flare are in the town you got the Chime from with all the sky people southeast of the desert with the Mirage Tower)

At least until Chaos, give the Masamune to your Ninja. It's a better upgrade for him than going from the Excalibur to the Masamune with your Knight. I'd keep it on him for Chaos as well actually. You can cast Haste on both the Knight and Ninja, and pass the Giant's Gloves around until Chaos uses Cure4. The White Wizard should be able to keep the group alive with Wall on the guy without a Ribbon, and the proper mix of Heal and Cure spells. Then unload on him when Cure4 comes using Flare, Holy, and attacking.

Of course, you have to get to him with all your characters alive to do this. Lv5 Life and Lv8 Life2 are helpful, as are the Heal Staff and Heal Helmets. Anytime you have a fight with a large group of enemies like GrMedusas, SeaSnakes, etc., it's a good idea to spam the healing items to save on Potions and Cure spells.

Good luck!
6 years ago#7
Thanks everyone. I ended up leveling to 25 and beat on him and finished him before he got to use cure 4.
6 years ago#8
Nice job, congrats!
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