Fatal Frame the real story

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Hey was just wondering where could I get the information on the true story of Fatal Frame? I looked every where and couldnít find it.
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"Makoto Shibata, Chief Producer of Fatal Frame, described the inspiration for the gameís haunted house, "In an area outside Tokyo, there lies a mansion in which itís said seven people were murdered in a grisly manner. On the same property, there lie three detached residences that surround the mansion, all of which are rumored to have ties to the mansionís troubled past. Itís said there is an underground network of tunnels that lay beneath the premises, but nobody knows who made these tunnels or what purpose they served. Many inexplicable phenomenon have been reported occurring on the property. Bloody handprints have been found splattered all over the walls. Spirits have been spotted on the premisesÖ even in broad daylight. A narrow stairway leads to an attic where a spirit-sealed talisman is rumored to be locked away. Men have sought this talisman, only to be found later with their bodies broken and rope marks around their wrists. Thereís a crumbling old statue of a woman in a kimono, but its head is missing. If you take a photo of a certain window, a young girl can be seen in the developed picture. These incidents have provoked fear in the people of Tokyo, and many believe that those who live near this area will become cursed. The deaths of those seven people are unexplained to this day."

Taken straight from here:


"Locke: Are you sure you remember the way?
Sawyer: Oh, look, here's my favorite leaf, how could I forget???"
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i want to go there now!
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Hey thank you for the link and the story. Owe ya one!!

and yeah me too I want to go and check it out..
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You're welcome ^^
"Locke: Are you sure you remember the way?
Sawyer: Oh, look, here's my favorite leaf, how could I forget???"
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Here is more. lol I went back to play this game again then I felt like doing another search about the true story if anything new pop up and found these.

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