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Three things that ruined this game.
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PappinAce119/17 7:52PM
Soon we will all be reunited....
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CypherSkills199/4 7:19PM
mod u up for a 2 monthAmplibax819/1 9:52PM
So when is this coming to iOS?GangrenousKhan18/29 7:27AM
Remember way back when SkorpionZ invented Zombies and then it went mainstream? (Archived)GbanyaGanja4378/17 4:09AM
Top 64 (Archived)Behemos18/17 4:07AM
Did anyone else do this in Halo 2 after the servers shut down? (Archived)jontysss47/5 3:00PM
I can't wait. When is the Halo: Master Chief Collection going to drop? (Archived)Paper_Mario_446/29 10:35AM
Halo 2: Anniversary (Archived)DzxSaints25/23 12:16PM
Iconic Weapon (of Halo 2) (Archived)
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supersonic9123154/7 4:41AM
What is your favorite Halo game story wise? (Archived)
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mexicandread113/29 1:23AM
Why does Master Chief go back to earth at the end of halo 2? (Archived)HarryBreese62/27 11:06AM
So any news on this being ported to the 360 like Halo Combat Evolved? (Archived)
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unclekoolaid73212/26 1:33AM
Cutscene Weapon (Archived)supersonic912341/26 12:38AM
I Once Played 2 Guys From STK (Archived)JohnHalo343110/9 3:51PM
Halo 4 is the anti Halo 2 (Archived)Paper_Mario_4910/5 1:01PM
Halo 2 forever! (Archived)PenguinsTank59/16/2013
What do I need to do in order to play this online? (Archived)harrykid147/26/2013
I will always be the best Halo 2 player on GameFAQs. (Archived)
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rct two rules 3147/12/2013
Why can't connect to the online servers (Archived)XxAsianMan408xX87/5/2013