Son of a gun

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Hello? Anyone here?

Nova is my favorite character in Starcraft, just because she's that badass.

On a side note, has anyone read the novel?
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Someday, someone will happen across this board and post. Until then, I will have to keep it alive.
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Anyone else think that Aaragorn was kinda a jerk to Boromir? I mean, Boromir's just trying to make conversation, and all Aaragorn says is "I have seen the white city."
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The new Predator movie looks pretty awesome.
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It does...saw previews for it when I went to see the A-team
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Can't beat the trailer for the original though

"This time...they picked the wrong man to hunt"
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Top four favorite bands:

1. Dream Theater
2. Chevelle
3. System of a Down
4. Fair to Midland

Don't really have a fifth.
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Predators comes out tomorrow. Here's hoping its good.
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tell me how it is
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I like pie :)
I am not stalking you! Just merely... "investigating" you at every moment :)