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7 years ago#1
help!!!!i cant go to the west sector!!!!when i go to the shrine in bios swamp, it says that it is something he cant recollect and when i go to sepikmon, it says that he dont know. what will i do???have i forgotten something????
7 years ago#2
Have you already obtained the Digi-Egg of Sincerity?

If you have, go to the dock in South Cape and press X when the exclamation sign appears. That will summon Submarimon.
If you haven't obtained the Egg, could you please give more information of what you've done last?
7 years ago#3
ahm,,,i havent entered the admin center and i stil dont have the digi egg of sincerity,,,also,,,when i talk to thew people of the east and south sector, they just tell me that no one can go to the admincenter,,,they do not tell anything about the digiegg
7 years ago#4
Go to Asuka City and enter the Lamb Chop. Speak to the people there. One of them mentions that only only lost Digimon may go into the Admin Center. After the speak to Kail who is outside the Lamb Chop. Now you go to the Inn, down the ladder and into the Underground Path. Exit the path into the lower part of the city. You will see that the old man and old woman have turned into Digimon. Talk to them. They will tell you that Etemon gave them costumes. Go back to the Underground Path and exit into the Sewers. Instead of Etemon you will find some man standing there. Now go to the Lobby and speak to Kail. One more time back to the Sewers and you have your costumes.
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