Best Gameshark Codes for Digimon World 3 (IMO :D)

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Sorry I made a mistake in the previous topic,
the codes there is right , but the effect is wrong & the DMW2003 one doesn't work
So, i have search my files again to find the actual codes & effect , also have test it to confirm it worked 100 %

IMO This is the best codes for Digimon World 3 (US version) , better than max stats , max tp , max exp , etc
This codes will make training / grinding your digivolutions skill level as easy as blinking your own eyes :D

I have 2 codes btw, 1 for slower effect but with more fun and the others have insane effect but can be boring because it will make the DMW3 a kids game

1. Digivolutions Skill level UP per fight
80042738 02EE

credits to Med Jai & the original codebreaker
(because I got these code from her)

Effect : It will make your Digivolutions go up 1 level per fight (boss fight / random encounter) No matter what your digivolutions , or what enemy you killed.
Plus ! It will level up your partner level very fast, as it will give 65535 EXP per fight.
But these code doesn't stay , you have to activate it each time you play.

Special Note : If u play using emulator , don't ever use the load & save state while u are using these code or you will face the dancing blue tiles :D
SO, just load your game normally.

2. Digivolutions Skill level MAX per fight
Agumon max skill
50002C14 0000
80049838 967F
50002C14 0000
8004983A 0098

Monmon max skill
50002C14 0000
80049456 967F
50002C14 0000
8004945E 0098

Renamon max skill
50002C14 0000
8004A3CC 967F
50002C14 0000
8004A3CE 0098

Guilmon max skill
50002C14 0000
80049FF0 967F
50002C14 0000
80049FF2 0098

Patamon max skill
50002C14 0000
8004A7A8 967F
50002C14 0000
8004A7AA 0098

Veemon max skill
50002C14 0000
80049C14 967F
50002C14 0000
80049C16 0098

Kotemon max skill
50002C14 0000
80048CA4 967F
50002C14 0000
80048CA6 0098

Kumamon max skill
50002C14 0000
80049080 967F
50002C14 0000
80049082 0098

credit to MercilessOne987 & the original codebreaker (because I got the codes from him, although I just google it , and found MJ have posted it on other site in 2003^^)

Effect copied directly from MercilessOne987:
What it does is it automatically raises whatever digivolution you had in battle's skill level to 99 after just one battle. So whatever skill level your digimon were (ex. 1, 9, 22, 67, 85, etc. will go up to 99 right away). Any battle too (so Asuka Server's Central Park is your best bet if you want to totally max out your partner with ease)

Special Note : This code will, I repeat will remain in effect, especially once you've saved. Don't save your data if you don't want the code to be permanent. Even if you reset and reload, it will still be in effect.

Tips & tricks :
Both the codes give DVEXP to the digimons that participate in the battle, so if u want an even faster effect , try to DV into all your 3 digivolutions in the slot
example :
Guilmon with Exveemon ON , Metalgreymon & Beelzemon. In the battle DV to Metalgreymon & Beelzemon. After the battle, all the digivolutions will level up. For the 1st code, you can even use tag & then DV again ,so in the end of the battle .... ALL the 9 digivolutions of the 3 partners will level up !!!
Damn, these codes sure made grinding in the blinking speed :D

Any questions regarding the codes, just ask :)
This codes has tested by me & worked 100 %
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#3James46112Posted 2/3/2010 4:29:38 PM
That second list of codes freeze up the game when I go to load up a saved game. Also if you start a new game the game will freeze up when you go to save. Also the one battle I did get in to before saving didn't show any signs when it was over that the code at worked. The description says it gives a bunch of experience points which it did not. I should point out I am playing this on my PS2.
#4BeelzemontZero(Topic Creator)Posted 2/3/2010 6:53:29 PM
Let's make this clear :)

is that mean the first codes worked & the one that freeze up is the second codes which is the specific codes for each partner ?

Here is the quote from the original poster
I used these codes awhile back. They work well. I have a Gameshark v.4.0, so I don't know if it will work with older ones. It might though, so give it a try.

I used it on emulator with PEC , and it worked fine

Note : The second tiers of codes doesn't give you a bunch of EXP.
what it does is level up your digivolution skill level to 99 each fight
example : Your skill level 1 Wargreymon will level up top SL 99 each fight :)
And you will still receive regular EXP for the partner :D
Want to know 5 fact/reason why Beelzemon is the coolest Digimon ever exist ?
See my Quote at my profile. Cause text limitation :)
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The ones for each digimon are the ones that are freezing up on my PS2 when I go to load or save a game. It's a shame really cause it would be awesome if they worked.
#6James46112Posted 2/6/2010 7:50:49 PM
Sorry I misunderstood the experience points part. lol. I might see if I can find a joker code for this. That might be a good way around the freezing up problem.
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James46112 posted...
Sorry I misunderstood the experience points part. lol. I might see if I can find a joker code for this. That might be a good way around the freezing up problem.

No prob btw, good luck finding it, cause I cannot found it anywhere :D

or maybe if you have PC, you can try play it on emulator (since cheat with emulator doesn't require Master codes) :)
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would qbasic translate these codes to pal version?
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