Who still Plays this game?

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8 years ago#1
Hello? Anyone? Oh well I don't expect a response but does anyone else still play this game? I know I still enjoy it. Great game that still doesn't get tiring.

Well If you still play this game than stop by and say hello...and tell me what you eally like about the game.
8 years ago#2
Not many people I guess...

Anywho I played it again today and went to the nicest looking secret areas and so on. I one near Dumbledores office is a great obstacle course and the one near Colin and lockharts office has great outdoor views, I call it the Courtyard.
8 years ago#3
Anyone else think that the music was one of the best bits?

(I'm going to keep this alive as long as possible!)
8 years ago#4
I played it last year on Christmas Eve, for some strange reason.

This game was dreadful, but yes the music was some of the best to ever feature on the playstation.
I tried Metal Gear Acid.
And I liked it.
8 years ago#5
Yeah...the music really was great, I never actually play the storyline if I play it though now. I always just get to where I can go anywhere and walk around. Go to that place near dumbledores office (The Secret place behind the bookshelf) for some good music.

The first game didn't really even have the music to redeem it...neither did the Playstation 2 ones either for that matter....
8 years ago#6
Sorry but I'm not playing it right now. I played back when it came out in 2002, back then I was young and into Harry Potter. But now I a crusty old man.

Finished and partly loved it, by then Harry was dead to after I just finished the fourth book.
I tried Metal Gear Acid.
And I liked it.
8 years ago#7
The only reason I can still plug it in is because I have my 360 on the same desk as a ps2 and I can just hook either up at any time. Brings bacj some good memories so every few months I play it....

Though Harry Potter in itself is dead to me as well...
8 years ago#8
i own it but i dont play it
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8 years ago#9
I actually just found my Playstation 1 version of this game when I was cleaning out my garage....I could never make it past the spiders.....now I'm gonna try again....I just finished reading the booklet over and realized there was a PS2 version of this....I wonder if I could play this on my PS2?

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