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um.... AP Egg?

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8 years ago#1
How do i get it? I've been trying fr like a week, s teel from and/or bribing every monster i come a cross. i'm on my 2nd play through. SI tried the guide but my PC is being a pain. Can someone tell me?
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8 years ago#2
There are only two ways to get an AP Egg; it is a prize in Bliztball, and in the secret chocobo dungeon in chapter 5 (you need to talk to clasko in earlier chapter to be able to unlock it).
8 years ago#3
ah ok. So, send a lvl 5 chocobo to tha calm lands in ch 5, after talking to clasko. Kool, i'll remember that.

As for blitz, i suck BADLY at that lol.
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8 years ago#4
Actually it's more involved than that.

You have to send:

3 level 1 chocobos anywhere and have them return
3 level 2 chocobos anywhere and "" "" ""
3 level 3 chocobos "" "" "" ""
3 level 4 "" "" "" "" ""
3 level 5 """ "" "" """ ""
1 level 5 Chocobo to the calm lands and then the Chocobo Dungeon will open up.
then find the AP Egg in the dungeon maze.
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8 years ago#5
You don't need to send a chocobo to the Calm Lands. Once your level 5 chocoboes have returned you simply have to have four level 5 chocoboes sitting in the ranch. At that point you can leave and reenter the ranch and Clasko will tell you about the Ruins.

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