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4 years ago#1
FFX-2 has one of the better battle systems of the series, so what better way to explore it than to try some challenges? Here’s a few restrictions you might think about including in your challenge:

Low Level – (1/1/2, or minimum experience until Minerva’s Plate, or minimum experience w/o Minerva’s Plate)
No Accessories
No Gold Accessories
No Items
No Sidequests - i.e. go from Hotspot to Hotspot
No Buying
Solo – Use only one girl the entire game, or switch off just for aesthetics/keeping levels low
Initial GG – Use First Steps only
Single DS – Make everyone the same DS the entire game, your choice if you want to pass through gates on a GG
Initial DS – Gunner Yuna, Thief Rikku, Warrior Paine
Any single Combination of DS – Used for the whole game
No Mascot – Just because it’s generally a step above the rest of the DS
Fast Mode Active ATB – Usually battles are harder on this setting
Reels Only – Everyone as Lady Luck, only action in battle can be Reels
Mix Only –Due to all the item consumption, you could do this only for bosses, or on a NG+ with maxed inventory

Feel free to post what challenges you’ve done, what you’re playing now, what you plan on doing, etc. Can anyone think of more restrictions?
4 years ago#2
My own pet challenge is 2/1/1, Initial GG, No Accessories, No Items, No Mascot/SDS, Fast Active where possible, Lady Luck only when necessary (and even then avoiding 3-sign effects like Dark Matter unless necessary –same goes for Spare Change and Momentum). I used a NG+ with all abilities mastered, though I treated it like a New Game – i.e. no using Berserker in Chapter 1 or MP Mambo during the Den of Woe battles. To maintain 2/1/1 I would beat a boss according to the rules then reset, slap on Minerva’s Plates, throw a Dark Matter or w/e and continue on with the challenge. I’ve beaten all the bosses except Trema, I don’t think there’s much more room for improvement. Once I get a chance to play again I’ll make some more attempts at beating the Mega Tonberry battle.

I’ve done Solo Berserker, Songstress Only, and Gunner Only. I really recommend that last one. Gunner has a fun battle against Angra Mainyu because of strong, fast physical and magic attacks. Not to mention it’s fun just mashing that R1 button a lot.

There’s this thing I’ve done a couple times where I’ve taken a level 2/1/1 group of a particular DS combo and taken them straight through Via Infinito. It makes the random battles on the beginning floors more interesting. Once I hit Concherer I switch to a level 99 file and continue from there.
4 years ago#3
Reels only, many times over, usually CONGRATS! only in fact. Plenty of two GG runs (Horn of Plenty, Treasure Hunt), which easily feed a Mix only.

The challenge I have with restrictive challenges is that they seem to consist of beating your head against a wall and ignoring the lovely bouquet of dynamite in your hand. ::shrug:: My failing.

WalkThruWalls would be the one to talk to about challenges. Recently recounted doing a Songstress only run.
Guides and other contributions:
FFX, FFXII, KH, KH Re:CoM, KH2, Okage: Shadow King, Secret Agent Clank
4 years ago#4
I only defeated Paragon & Trema with Songstresses only ( and White Mages, solo Warrior and solo Samurai ) but used them often in the game and informed others how to use them for attacking and defending ( GG's, accessories, throwing items and lots of singing and dancing ). Others have done Songstress only runs:
4 years ago#5
falconesque posted...
The challenge I have with restrictive challenges is that they seem to consist of beating your head against a wall and ignoring the lovely bouquet of dynamite in your hand. ::shrug:: My failing.

Funny, I see them more as puzzles. Half the fun is the planning, including experimentation to figure out which DS to use, the proper layout of the DS on the GG, seeing if the boss has an attack pattern, testing out what abilities will work (status effects and such), damage estimates, learning the specific properties of boss' attacks (like when exactly Nooj's Lightfall attack is used; whether or not attacks are affected by Sentinel, Magical Masque, Cantus Firmus, Disenchant, Protect, Shell), timing considerations (do I have enough time to use Cantus Firmus and still switch to Berserker for Evade&Counter in time for the boss' next attack? -or- how many seconds do I have to wait after the boss attacks to use Sentinel so that after the boss' unevadable OHKO physical attack is blocked I can act again ASAP?), looking for tells I can take advantage of (Gippal's before he uses Grinder, Malboro's before it uses its regular attack), etc.

Then there's the execution, and if something doesn't happen as expected you get to go back to the planning phase and the cycle repeats itself. Eventually you have a solid set-in-stone plan that you know works and it all comes down to moving your fingers fast enough, being perfect in your timing, and sometimes having luck on your side. The best battles are those that are just barely possible. Some end up just being plain impossible under the challenge rules, but they were still fun trying to come up with a solution anyway.

Incidentally, I once did a Thief/Alchemist/Lady Luck run. The LL was limited to Attack Reels+Congrats for item acquisition, Fast Active battles and no Pause trick. This setup got me plenty of items for Mixing, and it was a good way to learn the Mixing rules. The run was pretty interesting and varied.
4 years ago#6
I was thinking of doing a "challenge" run myself.

I say "challenge" because it wouldn't be a classical OSGNORPGGOD, but rather a playthrough with (hopefully) some Hard Mode flavor.

Low-ish levels, only using several Dresspheres, and limited setups, etc. I'm planning out a very rough FF1 theme, with each Gullwing having classes built around FF1 jobs.

For some reason, I cannot wait to run Paladins and Red Mages. Why Red Mages weren't put in here, I do not know. Those hats!
4 years ago#7
What does OSGNORPGGOD stand for?
4 years ago#8
Kakuzatou posted...
What does OSGNO RPG GOD stand for?

Nothing, I was just being sarcastic. My bad.
4 years ago#9
Bump. So that this post isn't completely without substance, I'll post my strategy for Baralai (Slow ATB Wait Mode) in the Den of Woe in my 2/1/1, Initial GG, No Accessories, No Items, No Mascot/SDS, Limited LL (didn't actually need LL for the Den of Woe).

Start everyone as Berserker for Evade&Counter against his opening attack, then time a party-wide Sentinel to protect against Glint and the follow-up 3 consecutive unevadable attacks. You should get out of Sentinel around the time Baralai faces towards a girl for Looming Glacier, so you can send her to Thief for Stopproof and the others two to Songstress to start Matador's Song and beginning Cantus Firmusx10. After Looming Glacier send the Thief to Alchemist for MP restoration with Ether/Elixir. Baralai's next attack will be Silence on everyone so start charging Cantus Firmus and White Wind with the other two. Cantus Firmus should go off just before Silence, so Ether's and White Wind's bars can continue charging during the long animation while Baralai's Silence has to wait its turn. This way Ether and White Wind resolve right after Silence and everyone has enough time to go into Sentinel for Baralai's next attack pattern cycle. Every other cycle you'll need two girls to use Ethers - this will mean everyone will be under Silence the next cycle after getting out of Sentinel. Can't use Songs under Silence, but you can use a Fiend Hunter ability, of all things in this challenge, as a replacement to stall Baralai's Silence spell while your own Ether is charging. The damage is worthless at Level 1 but it can be used under Silence, it's MP-cheap, it has a short charge time, and the animation is long enough to fulfill its purpose.

Once you've performed 10 Cantus Firmus the fight is easy. Add Protect (through Mighty Guard) and Howl for Double HP and even a Level 1 Songstress can tank Baralai's Glint. Buff yourself with all the Songs minus Disenchant, debuff Baralai with Heaven's Cataract, drain all his MP with Absorb so he won't use Silence (you don't want to start the next fight with everyone Silenced), and start wearing away his HP with 1000 Needles. You need to start the next fight with everyone as Thief (First Strike) so you can use Sentinel in time against Gippal's Grinder, so leave Baralai with just a few HP above a multiple of 1000. That way after the last 1000 Needles you can take him out with a single round of Thief attacks.

BTW I think a good challenge for anyone wanting to start one would be some form of an LLG. It keeps you open to lots of options in battles and the severe loss in stats only brings out more of the potential of the battle system when you can't so easily rush a boss or brush off attacks that are meant to be threatening.
4 years ago#10
Noone else is doing any challenges? That's a shame.

Quick "2/1/1, Initial GG, No Accessories, No Items, No Mascot/SDS, Limited Lady Luck" update.
Looks like Angra Mainyu can be beaten without Dark Matter spam from Random Reels. I think the only Reel ability I need to use is Quartet Knife - it can lower the Magic of all 3 parts. The main problem I had against Angra with a non-Lady Luck strategy is that inevitably a girl would die from Perdition's Flame or a Dispel+Flare combo, which would pretty much mean game over. After enough Quartet Knives it's like everyone has a permanent Magic Defense+10 so it's not so disastrous if one of the girls dies. I don't think it's feasible to do this battle without Lady Luck. Anyway, I won't be able to make any real attempts at this for a month, probably.
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