falken hangers

#1prison5Posted 8/22/2010 7:52:52 AM

can someone please tell me where they are ive searched but time restrictons stopped me the only one i know for sure is in mission 16b i still need 16a, 12a,12b, and 27(aces)

#2gmaxPosted 8/22/2010 4:42:40 PM
I have a detailed description of all of the Falken hangar locations in my FAQ. You can find that toward the end of this section of the FAQ:


I have a couple other mirrors if you can't get those to work.

Most of the hangars are pretty easy to find, and if you try to destroy all the ground targets, you'll get them. The usual exception is in mission 12A, where the hangar is way off to the east of the rest of the mission targets. There's also a hidden SAM next to it, so be careful. The Falken hangars don't show up on radar from long range, but once you get in their neighborhood they'll show up on radar.
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thanks i found them and the falken is AWESOME!!!1!!!!