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7 years ago#1
I promised a few days ago I would make a map of all the exact locations where shooting stars land and I was hoping to make one giant picture using the RS world map but the file size ended up being way too big. So instead of one giant map, I chopped it up into pieces based on the region the star is going to fall in. The middle of the yellow circles is where they land and the only one that might be a bit off on is the Burgh de Rott spot. (Ye ye ye I made a rhyme wut wuuuut)

Asgarnia --

Misthalin --

Kandarin --

Desert --

M&M --

P/G/T --

C&K --

Wilderness --

Fremmy/Lunar --
7 years ago#2
Nice. People could also check wikia.runescape. But people are too lazy for that so people can use your map too. ;)
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7 years ago#3
Runescape wikia doesnt have pictures of locations, they're also very vague with some of the locations. Like nothing in RS wiki will tell you that the star location at Varrock East is actually outside of the mine to the south.
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7 years ago#4
Nice job Miner.
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7 years ago#5
Nice, let's keep this bumped.
7 years ago#6
RS Wiki's map crashed my browser twice out of the two times I've tried viewing it. Ended up having to restart my computer because of it. I'm pretty sure GameFAQs and Photobucket suck less than that.
7 years ago#7

idk if this is Sticky-worthy but the way things are around here this will never get seen on the front page.
7 years ago#8
theres a clan chat called 'Star Find' they will tell you where to go..unless they're liars
7 years ago#9
We don't need another sticky, so just keep bumping it.
7 years ago#10
theres a clan chat called 'Star Find' they will tell you where to go..unless they're liars

Star Find sucks and is filled with the dumbest noobs RS has to offer. They also don't offer any chance of tagging a star because they don't tell you exactly what time the star is supposed to land, and the stars they do call out are packed 90% of the time by 12 y/o scrubs. Hunting stars on your own is the best way to go.
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