Lucky Lucky Me

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Those comments just makes a dad's heart melt. You both are very blessed to have each other. :-)
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From my pops!
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Beautiful flowers! That reminds me of my dad and a gift he gave me a very long time ago. I wish he was still with me, so I could tell him that I still cherish, and still use, his gift to this day.
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If you don't mine me asking Char, what gift did he get you?
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Thanks for asking!

A long time ago, when gasoline was cheap, gas stations gave out collectible gifts to get people to buy their gas. Every time my dad filled up his tank, he would get a new page to the cook book he was collecting for me. I don't know how long it took him to fill up the book and get the ring binder, (I think it was a page or two a week) and he never told me or my mom about it until he gave it to me. Here is a picture of one like it on Ebay.
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Well that's kind of different! What a nice memory of your dad! I'll bet Mike does nice things like that also.
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Yesterday was a hard day for me. I feel like I'm down in a hole and can't get out. Once my day starts like that it just gets worse. I'll be giving my notice at work today to be finished the end of next week. I will miss my job (not my computer) a lot, but I really need to be at school. That is where I do the best. Zach will have to leave to go back to school in less than three weeks. Everything is coming to an end. I was just getting settled into the way things are now and it will change.

I am looking forward to getting moved more than anything. Real hugs. Goodnights that aren't made over the phone. Then more hugs I can't wait till it will be my turn to put my new little brother to bed. Most of all is I'll have parents to tuck me in at night. I know I'm a big girl and don't need to be tucked in but I really want to be. Coffee with my new mom, games with Marty. They will come to visit me at school, mom said she will be there quite a lot and that works for me. Thinking of all the good things ahead helps me get through the bad days.

Today is going to be a lot better.
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I think I need to let go of this now. I need to find other ways to fix me.
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Love you pops!
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