how do you kill skull eater in jachol caves

#1genesis2009Posted 7/25/2009 12:09:52 PM
Its been a long time since i played this game and i can't remember how to kill the skull eaters in jachol caves. I've done it before but right now everything i use does zero damage or misses.
#2genesis2009(Topic Creator)Posted 7/25/2009 12:56:14 PM
Nevermind figured it out throw then fireskill works great unfortunately you dont get 5 abp for each one if u want till they split up but u do get exp for each.
#3MetalBladeXPosted 8/2/2009 9:29:56 AM
Geomancer's !Earth also works, with the added bonus of being free to use.
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#4blastarfPosted 8/28/2009 7:50:56 AM
just summon bahamut and it will die in one hit or any hit capable of doing over 1800 hp i think it has around that amout but im not sure cause my bahamut did around 1900 damage and i think a guide somewhere said skull eaters have around 1500-1800 hp
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#5blastarfPosted 8/31/2009 11:37:43 PM
nvm my prevois post i just killed one in one shot with 180 or so damaga
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