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7 years ago#1
I'm in Shadow cave in room with four stones, four buttons and a spot on the floor. But i can't open the door! I can't find walkthrough for psp. Please help!
7 years ago#2
top left. bottom right

step on spot for 30 seconds
7 years ago#3
Thank you!
7 years ago#4
Heh no problem
7 years ago#5
So, what exactly do I need to get that spirit ? I understand there's a red lantern in Moria's treasury, but someone talked about a blue candle in another (archived) topic... Where do I get that, is it in the Moria too ? And will I need other stuff ? (besides the contract ring of course, which I have)
7 years ago#6
You need the Blue Candle from the Graham's Treasure Hunt sidequest, as well as the Red Lantern/Pact Ring from the Moria Mine. The faq by MGregerson/ALazara has the locations of the treasures in the sidequest.
"When there's a save point around, ****'s going down." ~ IrrelevantAlex
7 years ago#7
Then comes the fun part of GOING BACK into Moria for Pluto T_T
7 years ago#8
actually i find moria mine quite cool in the PS version, since most enemies are easy to beat and give good experience.
7 years ago#9
I can't really agree on the "easy" part... I admit some of them aren't that hard as long as you don't mess up (like the beast masters if you can prevent them from casting nasty stuff, or banshees/mantas if you keep them grounded), but the yeti things are getting on my nerve (when they surround themselves with spikes you can only hurt them with spells... waste of tp IMO), and the worst of all... those damn phoenix. Most of the time they fly too high for Cless to catch them, and Chester can't fire directly upwards so he can't hit them either.

Other than that, the exp is really great, especially the black dragons.
7 years ago#10
The only enemy that really scares me is the Lobo. I mean everything else is just Time Stop/party sodomizes enemy but if the Lobo gets off that snow attack...thank goodness there's a save point on that floor.
"When there's a save point around, ****'s going down." ~ IrrelevantAlex
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