gameshark codes

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7 years ago#1
Does anyone have these? I can't seem to find any that work, and I don't recall the site I used to go to to get PS1 GS codes, so I can't go there (which sucks, I know they'd have them).

I need codes for
- (m) Must be on (activation code)
- Best rank after finishing the game
- Low gametime
- No saves
- Infinate health

With these I can unlock everything (again...) relatively easily.
Also, a faq on this site had some codes listed, but they didn't work. I assume that was either because they didn't give the (must be on) code or they were for the original RE2 and may not have been compatible. Any help would be appreciated.
7 years ago#2
Nevermind, found what I needed.

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