Why is this game so overrated?

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3 years ago#1
1: It has a cliche story. Fight evil empire. Then fight evil insane being with too much power. That sums up the entire main story arc of the game. Not counting all the little stories for each character (which are mostly just as cliche and shallow).

2: Jumps around between too many characters (many of which are boring, which takes time away from the more interesting characters). It forces you to play with characters you may dislike (not just in your main party either like some RPGs, but as a separate party...). I know some people can tolerate pretty much any character but usually when I play an RPG I have a group I like more than the others and I want to use them for most of the game. Period. Can't do that in FF6 though. Nooooo. I have to play with who the game tells you to play with regardless of what I want.

3: Its main villain is comically one dimensional and boring. Yes I know he's insane and that's so (sarcasm) awesome (/sarcasm), but really he has no motivation to make him a well developed villain. Well developed villains tend to have motives that make sense and the audience can relate to on some level (though ultimately reject). That's what makes them interesting. I can't take Kefka seriously at all. Early in the game he's incompetent and wasteful of resources. He's a detriment to his allies and comically incapable of threatening his enemies (besides cowardly poisoning a water supply, which while in character is unimpressive to say the least). Late in the game he's just insane and overpowered. That's such a shallow villain it pains me to think about how people try to hold him up as an excellent villain.

4: The characters themselves. Except for a few of them (Locke, Celes, Cyan, Edgar, Setzer) are either boring or painfully stupid. Terra is probably the worst character in the game which is ironic since she is the closest to a main character there is. This would all be fine if I wasn't forced to build entire parties out of characters I don't care for (on multiple occasions).

5: The combat system is mediocre at best and unbalanced at worst.

6: The game world is dull, bland, depressing, and without many interesting things to encounter outside of the main plot.

7: The music as a whole is mediocre. There are some good tracks (like Terra's Theme) but as a whole the music is mediocre at best. The battle theme is weaker than pretty much any other main FF I can think of. The main overworld music is excruciatingly depressing.

So is it nostalgia that props this game up for many of you? I mean I have played the game and beaten it and I don't hate it. I rank it in the middle of all the FF games I have played (all except 13 which I don't plan on playing). It's not terrible (despite the flaws I pointed out) it's mediocre. Tell me how I am wrong (without insults hopefully).

Of the SNES Final Fantasy games IV is the strongest (and my second favorite in the series) and while I rate VI higher than the abysmally bad V it's still not really close to the quality that IV brought (aside from graphical improvements). FFIV has a balanced combat system, great plot (though understandably simplistic), enjoyable characters, villains with actual motives, and some of the best music in the series. FFVI pales in comparison to it if you take your nostalgia glasses off.
3 years ago#2
It's the same thing like with Lord of the Rings. LotR is for me just mediocre and for great parts boring book and there are a lot of other fantasybooks, which are superior. But still if you ask a fantasy fan, then most of them will tell you, that LotR is the best. Yes at the point it was written, t was probably the best thing, but now...it's just mediocre.
3 years ago#3
You have every right to have your opinion. It's totally fine that you don't like the game that much. In my opinion, VII is the most overrated game ever and while I agree that IV is the best, I still loved VI and was very happy to see it available on PSN. I like the things that you didn't like - I liked all the characters, liked the story. IV and VI were two of the games on the short list for me of games I got emotionally involved in. Of course, I felt that years ago playing it on the SNES and GBA, so I will see how I feel about it now, playing it on the PSP.
playing: Final Fantasy IV Complete (PSP)
3 years ago#4
You know that the the topic fails, when TC praises FF IV and calls VI overrated.
3 years ago#5
Zozogel posted...
You know that the the topic fails, when TC praises FF IV and calls VI overrated.

You know what I like about the other two people who posted? They had decent responses that they put more than half a second of thought into. Your assertion also falls flat because it creates a correlation between FFIV and overrated that is impossible to justify. FFIV is definitely not overrated and it's impact on the series as a whole is far stronger than FFVI.

I will admit that a lot of what I said comes down to asthetic taste and I came off a bit harsh in my OP. I was venting a bit because of a certain FFVI fan I had encountered recently and I wanted to get responses from a wider range of fans. I was pleasantly surprised that the first two responses were decent (if a little spartan on details). Your's though is just completely typical of what I would expect from an arrogant VI fan. Everything doesn't have to be taken as offensive and everything doesn't have to be black and white. Put up some actual defense of the game from your point of view and maybe we can enrich each others understanding of things.
3 years ago#6
No dude I just can't take you seriously, when you praise FF IV and call FF VI overrated, sorry.
You are the one that should take the nostalgia glasses off, FF IV is a good game, but VI is better in every single way.
3 years ago#7
Zozogel posted...
No dude I just can't take you seriously, when you praise FF IV and call FF VI overrated, sorry.
You are the one that should take the nostalgia glasses off, FF IV is a good game, but VI is better in every single way.

How exactly is it better? It has better graphics, is longer, and has more plot moments. That's about it. The quality of the plot moments and quality of the game are lacking in comparison. It's only your nostalgia or shallow perception that leads you to hold FFVI above FFIV. For me personally if a Final Fantasy was to be held high due simply to nostalgia it would be FF1 as that was the first one I played. That's not the case though. I don't measure games based on my memories of them and I never based anything I said in my OP based on subjective things like how I felt about the games when I first played them.

You on the other hand sound like you were offended by the mere thought that I didn't hold FFVI on the same pedestal as you yourself do. On top of that you can't be bothered to put forth any kind of a competent defense of the game and instead rely on the tired excuse of "I can't take you seriously because you don't have the same religious zeal toward X game as I do".

I'm trying to be nice and respectful. The least you can do is meet that evenly instead of spitting cop-outs and acting like your unexplained opinion is the only valid one. Yes my OP was a bit rough and I admitted that. Get past that and actually put something of merit forth to the discussion or leave it be.


1: What do you think makes FFVI such a great game (try to keep it somewhat something we can measure)
2: How is FFVI better measurably than FFIV? (Please nothing like "because I like it more" or anything inane like that :/ )

Of course I know it all boils down to opinions and preferences. That's the nature of the game and the least you can be is civil about it.
3 years ago#8
I found VI to be the best of the old-breed of final fantasy games. It was never originally released in my territory (VII was the first). To me this one just felt more refined than the others. I have to say though having played through the DQ re-releases (again not released in my territory at the time) I find them much better than the final fantasy series and the same goes for breath fire as well.
3 years ago#9
I'm going to agree with Zozogel, I think that FFVI refines on FFIV in pretty much every way, especially the story. If you're making an argument that FFVI hasn't aged well, I would think that FFIV was worse in that aspect.
3 years ago#10
TC, leave now.
Never base a game on reviews. It is what you like and only you.
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