Team Fortress Classic Servers with Nail Grenade Bug FIXED (of July/07/09)

#1urban_ninja360Posted 7/7/2009 9:46:24 AM
well People Hate that nail grenade bug/exploit but since valve wont fix it; its up to the server owners now.
Team Fortress classic servers that have FIXED the Nail grenade Bug.

Bad-Ass Renegade NeoTF
One World On-line Pub

One World On-line server is a basic classic game play. Player vs Bots with no team damage to Health&Armor(nail Grenade Bug Fixed)
flash light : yes

Bad-Ass Renegade is a TFC/NeoTFmod server meshing mods with Gun Models of thier own. 24/7 Sticky demo Pipebombs. engineer RailGun fires conc bullets. HW has a Gold auto cannon that uses the Shiny chrome( F/X.) .Nail Grenade Bug FIXED. rock2 bug FIXed.
(mocratic: yes)(conc dizzy effect: no)(fall damage: no) (map lighting changing by the server time: yes) (flash light: yes) (flairs: yes)
#2zfstarkPosted 7/13/2009 7:31:25 PM
Hasn't that been around forever?

This doesn't look like an accident...