Captain Tsubasa II: Reinvented for PC

#1VladoPosted 9/26/2008 11:13:08 AM
An Arabian friend of mine has found a really easy way to port (and edit) Captain Tsubasa II to PC using Visual Basic and DirectX. Here, you can see the first demo (it's in Arabic, but he said he could easily make an English version, too).

You play with the arrows and the Z and X keys. Of course, it is still at a very basic level, but, if he's found a way to get it this far, he's not far from reinventing the game altogether. Huge props for that.

He says he always wanted to redesign the game himself, and his plan is to make this an online multiplayer game (probably while keeping a new, created by him, single player mode, as well), where you play against others to improve your players and learn new moves, etc. It sounds really awesome. I hope he keeps up the good work.
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#2bgf0619Posted 9/28/2008 4:40:14 AM
i prefer a bit of graphics update though
#3ccanavesPosted 9/28/2008 3:06:54 PM
Nice, the idea is super cool, but what about game mechanics?? We don't know the formulas that tecmo used at all so we can only guess, unless someone can de-crypt the original game and do some reverse engineering, which I doubt it's possible.
#4Vlado(Topic Creator)Posted 9/29/2008 3:15:08 PM
Oh, it is possible... In fact, it can be done even without decrypting the game, since we're able to mess with both player and computer levels and stats, all we need to do is make a statistic based on enough samples for each of the game's aspects. Don't know whether he'd be willing to do it himself, or he'd like to have someone gather it for him, I'll e-mail him soon to ask him.
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#5frieza41Posted 10/6/2008 2:14:58 PM
Hey all...
well i'm having trouble to fix the data of this game, can someone give a link for the modified data of the game for single player mode? And plz... a way so I can modify the game by myself !!
One more question.. does someone have any link to download the story mode of this game with (.exe) extension in english french or arabic... but just not japanese!!! Plz reply! and thank you all!!!