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RIP FE6 Gamefaqs Board
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
achimed388/26 1:15PM
Size of Sword of Seals? (Archived)ShadowsOfGames26/24 11:54AM
Does there exist translated reproduction cartridges of this game? (Archived)OSB9536/23 8:54PM
**** you have to go to all gaidens to get the true ending? (Archived)Godstriker826/7 12:19AM
Chapter 16 help (Archived)Uhbooh26/7 12:17AM
Glitch when trying to recruit Hugh. (Archived)GalladetheGreat34/29 11:25PM
Question on the Chapter 17 path split (Archived)Maetch42/24 11:04AM
Sword of Seals (Archived)achimed22/20 7:04PM
Are Roy and Barth in this game? (Archived)discodancer7732/18 4:37PM
Keeping Klein's archers alive in Chapter 11A? (Archived)kaonohiokala22/3 1:08AM
Why the f*** do you get a worse Gonzales on 11B? (Archived)Oil_Rope_Bombs21/28 7:48AM
Holy s*** is Miledy always this good? (Archived)Awsomdud31/28 3:39AM
Translated version... (Archived)DreTam200051/22 11:47PM
Gonzalez is one of the best FE characters (Archived)Oil_Rope_Bombs21/17 3:16PM
Roy's battle sprite and animations are so awful-looking (Archived)Oil_Rope_Bombs21/16 4:34AM
I feel like the cheats section conned me out of the best ending (Archived)crazykid33371/15 7:41AM
First time through, putting together a team (Archived)Badnik96311/3 11:18AM
A site for those who want Roy and FE6+7 representation in SSB4 (Archived)MasonTheGamer110/27 6:50PM
You can't pair Sue and Shin? (Archived)Yengeon510/7 7:29PM
Why is Roy so crappy? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
OedipusTheBeast2110/7 8:40AM
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