Funny or Ridiclous events you would have liked to see in Clock Tower series.

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Write something you would have enjoyed seeing in the Clock Tower series.

Sorry I went overboard with my first message, and I am also a Rule of Rose fan so I went crazy with that too.

Jennifer runs after Scissorman has popped out of the Mannequin room.
Meets Joshua from Rule of Rose.

Joshua: Hello, Jen-ni-fah. Itís nice to see you again. You poor little girl, unloved and unwanted. Come to beg your way back to the Aristocratsí Society?

Jennifer Simpson: Who are you? Never mind, we have to escape fromÖ

Scissorman: (Jumps in with Scissors) He he ha. 

Joshua: Funny I donít remember a kid running around with scissors. Hey, you new or something? You have to do what I say. Iím Prince Joshua, and Iím top dog.

Amanda (From Rule of Rose): No, you arenít Wendy is the Rose Princess and our leader. No one is better than Wendy, and youíre just a lowly child.
So shut up or Iíll beat you with this broom. (Looks ashamed).

Oh, Iím sorry Joshua, I didnít mean that. Iíll sob and beg forgiveness, then; Iíll hit you later only to apologize again. Iím crazy and mournful you know.

Scissorman snaps his scissors and approaches Wendy and Joshua.

Jennifer Simpson: Hurry we have to escape, stop arguing and run. (Looks terrified.)

Amanda and Joshua: Shut up, weíre having a discussion here.

Jennifer Simpson: But, Scissorman is here! Heís going to get us!

Joshua: So what? (Throws small scissors at Scissormanís head).

(Scissors bounce off harmlessly).

Joshua: Why did the Scissors bounce off him like that?
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Scene finale.

(Jen-ni-fah from Rule of Rose crashes into everyone).

Joshua: Hey who are you?

Jennifer of Rule of Rose: You must be blind as a bat; all I can say is WRONG JENNIFER YOU PSYCHO CHILD.

(Scissorman is almost on them with his scissors raised high.)

Jennifer of R O R: Argh! (Pulls out gun and shoots).

Scissorman: Groan. (Falls down.)

Jennifer Simpson: Hmm, maybe I should have thought of that.

Amanda: Jen-ni-fah you ruined our fun, I was going to hit Joshua with a broom. (Screams in rage and slaps Jennifer.) Oh no, Iím sorry, Jen-ni-fah. Please forgive me, weíre friends. I never meant to hurt you. Iím plotting to punish you later, but letís be friends now.

Jennifer of ROR: Oh, forget it. I was trying to save you from a bad end, but never mind. Rot here, I only can fight because Iím eighteenÖor maybe itís nineteen so I donít have to run around like a sissy girl only pushing my attacker away, like Simpson here.

Jennifer Simpson: Well, Iím not that strong, but Iím pretty resourceful. Why am I arguing with you? I have to escape Scissorman. (Runs to find a hiding place.)

Joshua (Checks Scissorman): But, this kid is dead.

Jennifer of ROR: Yes, well heís stronger in the second game. Heís weaker in this so I was sure this gun from our game would work. Now letís get back to Rule of Rose for the Last Boss fight.

---------Spoiler Alert (A short spoiler for the end of the game------------

Amanda: Spoiler Alert. You might have wished you kept that bullet to get the bad end. Oh Iím sorry Jen-ni-fah. I didnít mean to spoil how to get the good and bad end. Forgive me.

---------------End of Spoiler---------------------

Jennifer of ROR: AmandaÖÖÖÖ. Oh never mind I donít know how to insult you. That would be out of character, or I think it would be.

(All spelling errors or wording was completely done for humor.)
Buy another game system? Only when I finish playing the games that are still unfinished.
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