Dude, stop following me...

#1HelloSatanPosted 6/12/2012 12:57:30 AM
So I decided that since there are multiple endings, I would start low and work my way high. I got the H ending fine. Was going for G Ending, heard the scream in the hall and walked away on accident. Went back, checked the window and nothing special. Left and didn't get the ending. That's fine I can try again.

I thought.

Now after I go into the bathroom, Bobby won't stop chasing me. At all. Ever. The only place he doesn't follow me into is the main hall/foyer. But because he's chasing me I can't get the car key, look out windows, or pickup anything else. When ever I hide under the bed he always finds me (I think that's normal though). I go from the bedroom into the hall and he'll then appear in front of the bathroom. Yes, he can teleport out of the bedroom into the hall in front of me, but he can't stop me from shoving him over. I tried going in the garage and climbing the ladder. He paces to my side of the room, back to the door, then BAM! He smashes through the roof of the garage and I'm dead.

So is this a glitch or am I missing something. Cause I've tried grabbing the perfume first incase that was it but it seems it wasn't.
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