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Gnome Village shop locked. (Archived)Neo_Rizer56/27/2013
Staff of wizardry location (Archived)RetoricalSam16/20/2013
Now Available - Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara: #SteamNewRelease (Archived)Perfect Zeratul26/20/2013
long Gameplay video (Archived)xenosaga12315/30/2013
Chronicles of Mystara features (Archived)xenosaga12315/30/2013
D+D Chronicles of Mystara database video highlights showcase gameplay FAQ guide (Archived)xenosaga12315/25/2013
Exclusive art and Suepr Ultra Edition images of the MystaraBundle edition (Archived)xenosaga12315/23/2013
Moves list guides and character class guide (Archived)xenosaga12314/29/2013
D&D reviews (Archived)xenosaga12354/28/2013
Tower of Doom and Shadow of Mystara coming to PS3 and Xbox360 (Archived)xenosaga12384/7/2013
How do you stop the Elf from doing a backflip kick during her combo? (Archived)John_Dane23/24/2013
Dungeons & Dungeons Chronicles of Mystara ultimate video trailer 0_0 (Archived)xenosaga12323/23/2013
new D&D Chronicles of Mystara info and screens (Archived)xenosaga12313/23/2013
The unlimited items trick from the arcade? (Archived)Jack Talk Thai13/19/2013
Chronicles of Mystara = Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara PS3/X360 (Archived)xenosaga12313/17/2013
How is the Elf able to cast spells with a shield and armor? (Archived)John_Dane62/7/2012
Want this game on PSN/Xbox Live? (Archived)duke87934/26/2010
Some questions (Archived)DryWit28/19/2009
SOM on GGPO (Archived)Halister123417/22/2009
This games really needs to be on Xbox Live Arcade!! (Archived)Dream_Project47/21/2009
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