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so i used to have this game... this game really needs a remake! (Archived)PSOGuy2538/17 7:37PM
ZAMN and Goosebumps. (Archived)Rainvainz16/27 10:23AM
Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors! (Archived)Rainvainz16/25 11:41AM
ZAMN "Sequel": OH NO! MORE Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Archived)Natsume_Tien715/29 2:26PM
this game is so underrated (Archived)fort1e23/21 8:46PM
In response to Awesome Easter Egg About Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Archived)deadpan666111/10 5:39PM
By far the weirdest level of this game... (Titantic Toddler.) (Archived)johnsonalec4112/2/2014
Finally beat this game!!! it only took 20 years. (Archived)waluigifan111/20/2014
Zombies Ate My Neighbors Trivia Quiz (60 Questions) (Archived)Jaysonshinra41/19/2014
NEW DISCOVERY: "Martians Bubbled Bonus" on Level 41: Martians Go Home! (Archived)Jaysonshinra11/10/2014
is this real life? (Archived)lastfirstborn312/24/2013
It's October 2013 (Archived)Slayer511/10/2013
Finally got through this with 2 players (Archived)
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Doing a fresh playthrough, going as far as I can get! (Archived)johnsonalec4112/20/2013
Mind = blown (involves the Martians) (Archived)Jaysonshinra311/21/2012
Horror Week - Zombies Ate My Neighbors! (Archived)evildeaduser110/25/2012
Only 1 Person to save? (Archived)koopatroopaz210/7/2012
This game should be made into a move. (Archived)Rozzbane26/7/2012
In response to "Wow, what are the chances of that?" (Archived)
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Fire Extinguisher tip (Archived)Natsume_Tien735/16/2012
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