Going for a max stats game

#1deadcarnoPosted 11/7/2013 4:19:27 PM
This is one of my favorite GB games and definitely my favorite as a kid. I played it probably 10+ times back in the day and haven't played through it in many years.

So many memories, mostly grinding on the wolves near the Chocobo egg with Wind Spear, and that darn palm tree puzzle! I still can't remember if someone told me the solution, or magazine or what. Oh and how townspeople repeat their message when they die! Even with maxed stats townsfolk still take several hits lol.

I tried different builds back then, such as mainly focusing on attack and defense one time, and another time more magic, and I think once where I never raised Wisdom at all.

Watching the 1st clip of HCBailly's play through I noticed he mentioned alternating between Power and Wisdom and that it gave him evened stats. And then I came here and saw an archived topic that mentions this idea.

Using game genie code for max XP, I tried it at the very beginning of the game to test it out, and at level 99 I indeed had 99 in all stats, 999 HP, 98 MP, AP 103 and DP 103 with default equipment. I also tried upping power after 99 but my AP didn't change, I thought maybe it was really 255 max, like Final Fantasy Legend 1, but I guess not.

I can't remember if you can up the MP with any equips or not, but it'll be a fun way to play and give me another excuse to go back to this gem.

Well this'll be a fun play through!