Really goods game, but with one really annoying thing about it.

#1Rain_of_SwordsPosted 12/24/2013 6:37:27 PM(edited)
Anyone else agree with me that it's really annoying how you automatically talk to NPCs just by walking into them? Seeing as how NPCs tend to congregate in very narrow areas (eg just outside shop entrances) and walk around in random directions like idiots, it can often be difficult to avoid bumping into them when you're trying to get past them.

EDIT: "Really good game"

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#2PurestProdigyPosted 12/26/2013 8:51:57 PM
Eh it didn't bother me that much but yeah, that should have been an easy fix
#3BareknuckleRooPosted 12/29/2013 11:26:02 AM
Just smack them with your weapon to move them. :3
#4_KazPosted 1/6/2014 10:53:25 PM
BareknuckleRoo posted...
Just smack them with your weapon to move them. :3

Careful. You can kill NPCs this way and they won't respawn until you leave town.
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#5BareknuckleRooPosted 1/7/2014 1:24:08 AM
It takes like a zillion+ hits to kill them. I remember trying to kill an NPC in the first town when I realized you could attack them - it took forever!