Are there multiple places to glitch-teleport from one zone to another? *SPOILERS

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Okay, so, I assume that some of you die-hards are familiar with this glitch: Once you get the sickle, you head one screen east of Kett's and walk up beside the river to where there are some cuttable plants, cut them, and walk right onto the screen east of you. Once there, you'll end up stuck in some other cuttable plants. Cut those and go left. With luck, you've just teleported to the snowfields. If you haven't, then just keep cutting plants and going right then left until you teleport there - sometimes it can take 30 seconds of going back and forth. Anyway.

This is an awesome glitch because everything one-shots you but you can actually damage some of the enemies there and if you're determined enough to kill them you'll rack up instant levels and mad money, and I assume you could even get the Flame Whip (which will allow you to kill the rest of the enemies you can't hurt with your Sickle) and beat Kary if you really went for it, which would be awesome... though I'm pretty sure there's no way to progress with the game from there because you don't have your Chocobot.

What I want to know is: Are there other places to execute this glitch, and will they send you someplace else? Like, what if I walk back and forth on a spot where I've just cut some trees or some other unlikely spot? Has anybody found any other crazy teleport spots? I think it would be amazing if for example I could just jump from the beginning of the game straight to the assault on Dark Lord's Castle.

So, anybody know any cool tricks like that?
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