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Anyone ever get stuck in FloatRocks?? **spoilers** if it matters (Archived)Linguar8247/20 7:14PM
What's your favorite music in this game? (Archived)Lolo_Guru96/11 7:05AM
Just finished this game, my thoughts. (Archived)Talks36/4 11:48PM
I did a piano cover of the Royal Palace theme. (Archived)Mjollnirfalls53/1 10:09PM
Will this ever come to the 3DS VC? (Archived)PlFFCITY212/19 10:45PM
Nuke glitch? (Archived)Exlar28/2/2014
Going for a complete/perfect game *spoilers of course* (Archived)dchrist236/24/2014
New to not only FFA but FF (Archived)
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"Palm trees and an 8. Get it?" (Archived)jubrany36/23/2014
Best Stat To Level? (Archived)Painmaster21264/30/2014
Are there multiple places to glitch-teleport from one zone to another? *SPOILERS (Archived)ElDudorino22/9/2014
Really goods game, but with one really annoying thing about it. (Archived)Rain_of_Swords51/7/2014
Town Maps (Archived)viceprojectdoom212/16/2013
Going for a max stats game (Archived)deadcarno111/7/2013
XP/Level chart (Archived)sonofskywalker388/31/2013
Game Genie Codes (Archived)Mezmorize9968/9/2013
I feel like those shopkeepers are taunting me (Archived)UserDeForum77/14/2013
Arranged Soundtrack? (Archived)j_ugnick55/30/2013
Whats the lowest power I need for a will only run to be able to hit dark lord (Archived)aiRWaLKRe25/26/2013
This game is a masterpiece. (Archived)Nordini312/9/2012
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