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4 years ago#1
It's been about a year and a half since I last played this, and I was thinking about playing through again with four mutants. I believe that the manual discouraged this, but I have lost my copy. Are there any specific things I should watch for?

(I've beaten this 3 or 4 times but that was long ago)
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4 years ago#2
Since I've beaten the game with just one mutant, four mutants is definitely doable! XD

Keep in mind, though, that mutants can only hold four items (including armor!), so space will be an issue. Also you should save frequently, as it'll suck if a move you're fond of gets overwritten by xFire or something.
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4 years ago#3
Slow, but doable. If you want your mutants to be balanced, I'd advise swapping their positions around every time you power on the game, because a bunch of stat gains are given in your first few fights that will always go to the person in position 1 (IIRC).
4 years ago#4
Make sure to stock up on stuff like Wands or Rods - the spells they cast are the exact same as the book versions except with increased uses. Also, you should know where the secret town is in order to stock up on Flare books, that's basically the way to go with a mutant party.

Also note that you can use Vampic swords to keep your health up on certain enemies while the rear party members throw spells. Except that Vampic swords don't drain health from certain enemies (undead, the final boss, etc).
4 years ago#5
Death and Stone Spells work wonders in taking out clusters before monsters become immune to them. What wands/rods cast stuff? (I know the Rod item was a team-healing equipment.)
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4 years ago#6
You can buy Wands (same as book of Fire with 10 extra charges) once you reach the second world and Rods (same as cure book with 10 extra charges) as early as the first world. Those are the actual item names; there's no difference in damage/health healed compared to their lower usage book versions as far as I'm aware.
4 years ago#7
If you're going to play a "four of one class" party, Mutants are definitely the way to go. Too many humans is a grind fest in the early game to get the stats up, and Monsters require excessive use of a guide and/or lucky grinding. Every mutant in your party can benefit from every fight, so there stats tend stay caught up with minimal grinding. Heck, if you buy spell books and rods and such, their unreliable abilities aren't an issue, but inventory space will be.

Mutants can be a triple threat of healer, high damage boss killer, and group targeting horde stomper. Sure a human or two would make it easier, but if you're playing four mutants, you're obviously not going for ideal.
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4 years ago#8
How do you make a mutant a "high-damage boss killer"? The best they can do is Flare, which is hit-all anyhow :)
4 years ago#9
Use Power.

And if they started with 57 or less strength, use it again!
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4 years ago#10
Make no mistake, mutants can't beat humans in the pure damage department unless you use something like Power. And, if you're comparing to humans, it also depends on whether or not you want to raise stats above 99 or not, which I consider an exploit so I generally don't do it.

The neat thing about Mutants is that they can use Psi-Swords which bypass O-Weapon. So against many bosses, a mutant with 60-70 mana and a Psi-Sword can out damage a human with 99 strength. Aside from that, I only meant that Mutants with weapons can deal enough damage to be viable against bosses in a jack-of-all-trades sense.

Compare to humans who are generally better against bosses but are still stuck killing enemies one at a time, which is a disadvantage against large groups that can deal high magic damage or inflict nasty status effects.

Monsters are a whole different ball-game of course, with some being great boss killers (slime family, for example) and others just being plain bad for everything.
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