I am stuck at 97% what am I missing

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8 years ago#1
I have all the shards and got that ending and I beat it without the shards. I went back and played the bonus games and I am still at 97%, what gives?
8 years ago#2
First of all, did you get perfect scores on all of the boss bonus games? I don't think simply playing them is enough. Aside from that, all I can think of is that you haven't rescued the girl blob, but that shouldn't be worth more than 1%.
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8 years ago#3
I just got a 100% today after watching a YouTube video of a 100% speed run. They got a perfect on all the bonus stages, so I followed suit. That netted me 99%. So I went to stage 2-3 and used Kine just like the FAQ said, but they were wrong. I think they meant to say Coo. Anyways I got the girl blob and that got me the perfect percentage! Sweet! Thank you for your answer KirbyManiac.
8 years ago#4
Big thanks to this topic for getting me that last percent, but COME ON HAL LABORATORIES! How on Earth would I guess that rescuing a girl blob when I'm using the owl is going to net me an extra 1% completion? DUMB!
8 years ago#5
Just got my 100% today. I couldnt get the girl blob with Koo in 2-3 after several tries.. I looked around the internet and some site said to do it it in 5-3. I did it with Rick and it worked!

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8 years ago#6
Very strange! I was able to do it with Koo on that level, first try! It still drives me nuts thinking about why they made that last percent so tough to find!
7 years ago#7
why does this game only have an 83. THATS BS
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