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8 years ago#1
I was a little bit lazy to create this topic earlier... sorry.

Since I have been uploading some Golden Axe videos lately on YouTube, it was inevitable that I stumbled upon some related videos.

One of them featured a home-made Golden Axe.

After a couple of months later, I decided to search for it due to a clue left by one comment: "Beats of Rage".

Fortunately, I knew Beats of Rage was a game developed by Senile Team, which featured characters from The King of Fighters in scenes with Streets of Rage 2 gameplay.

I also knew there was some good MODs made with the Beats of Rage engine (OpenBOR) out there, such as Battletoads, which had the main character from Comix Zone, so I decided to search for this remade Golden Axe.

No much later, I found a good site with lots of MODs and this fan-made version of Golden Axe, as well as its author, which was the same one who had uploaded the video I had seen on YouTube.

Therefore, I created an account for me, downloaded this game and played it.

Just one comment is necessary: WOW!

To color your expectations a little bit, it is the arcade version with some features from Golden Axe II and III from Sega Mega Drive.

Enough said. Let's see something:

Engine: Openbor
Game: Golden Axe Remake
Author: utunnels
Oficial OpenBOR Website: LavaLit

Videos (from the first version... the latest version is even more impressive):

Story mode:

Duel mode (ahhh... old school hack'n slash!):

Unfortunately, there's no video for Skeleton mode, where you play as a Black Skeleton.


Website: LavaLit (
Golden Axe Remake:
Rest, will need it!
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8 years ago#2

Like I said in my other topic. Good find! You're like the only person on this board (well apart from myself probably) who actually cares enough about the game to actually want to put up GOOD quality material/information. Everyone else just seems to come here to bump dumb **** up that doesn't contribute anything to the boards.

Any way, I like what I saw on the vid. I haven't downloaded it yet (frankly can't be bothered) but it definitely looks interesting enough to try if I'm ever bored.

I like the new game modes. Like someone on that youtube video said.. duel mode is like a hack n' slash orgy.
I also thought that the dark skeleton mode was a very clever new feature where you play with a timer on your hp and you have to continually drain hp by attacking enemies.
8 years ago#3
I just miss the one thing:

Death Bringer and his magic and his skeletons.

I agree that Death Adder is the real deal, but I would put in some enemies after his "death" and when the battle is over, he gets up again and begin fighting seriously with magic. With this, Death Adder would still be the greatest foe in Golden Axe.
Rest, will need it!
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8 years ago#4
Lol I was wondering where you were.
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